Mothers Day Feature: Rhiannon

Mothers Day Blog Post Interview

Who is in your family?

Our family includes myself, my husband Ben, our beautiful little boy Tommy (and a very naughty pup named Zeus!)

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of Motherhood. What are your passions and "for you" things?

I am a reception teacher in primary school. Children have always been my passion! It’s always been something that has brought me so much joy. I don’t think I could do any other job to be honest!
When I can take time for myself, I’ve always been someone who looks to getting my body moving to feel good. I love Pilates, long walks and generally being outside (especially by the beach!) - I feel most calm and “myself’ after doing these things. I don’t get a lot of time these days to do them as much as I’d like but I’m slowly getting back into my groove. I also love to cook and bake at home, trying new recipes is so much fun!


If you were to describe Motherhood in 3 words?

Beautiful, chaotic and fun!

What would you say the hardest part of Motherhood has been so far?

Probably feeling like you’re not doing ‘enough’ sometimes. There’s so much internal pressure to be everything all at once. The mum guilt is real!


What would you consider the best part of Motherhood has been so far?

The unending amount of happiness it brings. You can be tired, emotional, frustrated - but their little faces take it all alway in an instant every single time!
I’ve never felt a happiness like it.

If you could go back in time (pre children) What would one piece of advice be that you tell yourself about Motherhood?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Just take the pressure off a little from trying to be the perfect mum all the time


Favourite way to spend time with your Family?

Definitely outside on a walk. Having some quality time together with no distractions around.


Best gift you could be gifted this Mothers Day?

The best gifts I’ve always received are something has memory attached to it. I always love a picture to look back on that captures how happy we all are. Mostly, just some special time with my family!

Images all by White Willow Photography for Sukoo. 

Tommy is wearing the Frankie Knit in Chocolate Stripe, The Milk Bloomers and Cloud Zoa Knit