Pregnancy Affirmations, tips and advice from Sukoo Community

When I was pregnant, I adored my pregnancy and birth affirmation cards, they brought a lot of calm and comfort in times I found myself turning to them.  What provided me even more support? A community response to a question "once piece of advice for a pregnant mum?".  Suddenly my inbox was overflowing with positive pregnancy affirmations, tips and advice from mothers in our community who had already walked the walk. 

I wanted to share these with you. If you find yourself needing a little encouragement during this time, remember these words came from friends in our community who have been there too. You are never alone in this motherhood journey. 

Dear pregnant mama,  these positive pregnancy affirmations and reminders are for you...

Motherhood Mantras
Pregnancy Affirmations by Sukoo Community 

Don't stress yourself trying to bring on labour. It WILL happen.
Eat some choccy and relax. 
Take it slow. 
Trust your body. 

Pregnancy Affirmations
Relax your jaw. 

Follow your instincts. 


Enjoy this time with your partner. 

Everything is just a phase. 

Positive pregnancy affirmations
    You are about to be re-invented! In the best way. 

    Your body was made for this. 

    Go slowly. now and after birth. 

    Your body is incredible. 

    Best Pregnancy Affirmations
      Soak in this time alone. 

      Put your feet up. 

      Embrace that bump. 

      You are strong and powerful!

      Best pregnancy affirmations

        Your body is a vessel. 

        Remember, one day at a time. 

        I know it can be hard, you were born for this. 

        This, too, shall pass. 

        You'll miss those little kicks. 

        Beautiful Pregnancy Affirmations
        • YOU ARE GROWING A HUMAN!! Go easy on yourself, mama.