Behind the Brand

Sukoo was established in November 2019 by Founder, Louise Brady. Louise began her business journey with the opening of an online children's boutique called Talulah and Belle. After five years of travel and what felt like a lifetime working in the Early Childhood sector, Louise dreamt of launching something that was her own, something that combined all her passions and would allow her more freedom when the time was right to start a family.  (Fast forward a year and Louise is pregnant with her first baby and has never felt more inspired to get Sukoo established so that she can stay home longer with her little man, due July.) 

The dream was alway to have her own label but it took two years of going back and forth before Louise took the leap of faith and transitioned away from Talulah and Belle, designing her first swimwear collection in 2019.

Louise felt like she was constantly chasing her tail as boutique, trying to keep up with the fast pace of the fashion world, restricted by seasons and sales. She continued longing for 'full control' when it comes to where items were manufactured, how fast, on what scale and when they were released. She also longed for more transparency within her business and more control over waste produced.  With that frustration, she made the commitment to manufacture slowly and make a commitment to producing  items that  wouldn't simply 'go out of fashion'.  She made decisions to opt for more sustainable packaging and avoid plastic wherever possible. 

Sukoo pieces are designed with quality at the centre and with the hope that they would be worn for many seasons, being passed on between siblings and then onto a friend. 

We are currently working on our 2022 Transparency Report and look forward to sharing.