Ethics and Sustainablility

Ethical and Sustainable fashion needs to be more than a slogan we add to our instagram bio's and product descriptions. I have always been convicted that real ethical and sustainable practice needs to be about transparency. That is why, we promise to never claim to be anything that we are not. Instead, we promise to be transparent. 

We are not here to call ourselves an ethical and sustainable brand. We are here to share our journey, openly, and invite you to draw upon a conclusion yourselves.  We know we have a lot to learn about real sustainable and ethical practices and we are excited that as we shine that light on our own ethos, we encourage our customers to keep us accountable in doing so. 

With all that being said, let's dive a little deeper into what we have done so far. 

You can read a little write up about our factory here or go 'factory transparency' pages and see images and videos of our recent trips to Indonesia, visiting our factories. 

We're not doing it perfectly, but we're trying to do it better. We have a lot to learn about sustainable fashion and the impacts of the fashion industry on our beautiful planet. Our goal is to continue to evolve as we learn. While we know we have a long way to go, we would like to share a little bit about what we are already doing.

Find out more about our
- Material choices
- Packaging and marketing
- Sukoo Seconds Initiative 
- Commitment to slow collections
- Our Sustainable Sukoo blog
- Other initiatives and projects

In addition, we encourage YOU to have your say. We would love you to feel like you can reach out at any time and provide feedback on an item or share your thoughts on our initiatives. 

Simply email us at: with the subject title: Sustainable Sukoo