Factory Transparency

Who made my clothes?

An important question we should all be asking. Prior to owning SUKOO, I never really understood the cost of ethical fashion and always wondered why some small businesses could charge so much. It was a very enlightening experience become a small business owner myself and discovering first hand what goes into the overall garment cost. 

 I decided that transparency within business was so important, as it not only held us accountable as small businesses but allowed the consumer to understand why a small, ethical company may be charging more.  

We were passed on our factory contact through a friend in business and although they had been working with the factory for years, we knew how important it was for us to see it ourselves.  We believed it was integral to meet the makers who help bring our designs to life, inspect the factory prior to production and meet our factory owner.  

We flew to Bali in the May 2019, prior to production of our first collection. We are so glad we had the opportunity to see the production process first hand and meet the people who help make it all possible. 

We are a small factory with a small team, all genuinely happy to be at work. It was so lovely to chat with some of the sewers and pattern makers during our visit.
We manufacture on a very small scale each drop and work slowly. 
Staff are paid a living wage with religious holidays respected, sick and annual leave paid and optional overtime pay offered. 

The factory is clean, well ventilated and safe. The factory employees a full time cleaner and handyman to ensure ongoing cleanliness and safety.  Staff all have government health insurance paid by office.  

Our factory is owned by an Australian mother living in Indonesia. With a year in business approaching, we are forming a close relationship with her based on mutual respect and trust. We are so thankful for the hard work she puts into bringing our pieces to life and look forward to getting to know her more with years to come.