Packaging and Marketing

We are proud to say that every aspect of our packaging and marketing is carefully thought out with the protection of our beautiful planet at the forefront of our mind. 

Every SUKOO piece is lovingly packed into single protective sleeves known as poly bags. Typically, these poly bags are made from single use plastic and are designed to keep items safe during transit and storage. We made the decision to use better packaging co PolyBags to ensure our items are still protected without sacrificing the protection of the planet. These comPOLYbags are made from corn starch and are compostable at home. You can read about the full lifecycle of these bags HERE or read our guide on how to compost our packaging after use. 

We decided to keep our packaging minimal and simple. We use Acid Free tissue paper that is part of the Restoring Australia Initiative. Office Works has committed to planting 2 tree's for every 1 used. 

Post Bags 
You'll also notice your item arrived in a compostable post satchel by Better Packaging co. It was important to us to use a compostable alternative to the usual plastic post satchels.  Please refer to our 'how to dispose of our packaging' article