Sukoo Seconds

When researching the defining factors of 'fast fashion' we were urged to rebel against the statement 
   " moving quickly to capture current fashion trends"

While I can acknowledge that this is often what the consumer wants and while I can understand the desire to shop the latest and newest each season, I refuse to buy into the process of 'out with the old, in with the new'.  My commitment to slow fashion is something that has convicted me from day one. Although we WILL be bringing out new designs throughout the year, we won't be doing so in replacement of past designs.   

What we design is based on our current inspiration and not the current trend. What you see on our virtual shelves, is everything I love, and that is all. 

One way of keeping our items 'on trend' is by encouraging the re-purchase of our items second hand through our facebook group SUKOO SECONDS.  We will continue sharing images on our social media platforms using the hashtag #sukooseconds and share the stories of where our clothing ended up, from its first owner to its second, third or even fourth. *





*We do not encourage the re-sale of swimwear due to hygiene reasons and customers are to do so at their own discretion.