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A few months ago we had a shipment arrive of our swaddles and were heartbroken. Despite working on these items for a year and going back and forth to perfect them, our entire shipment came with many faults. As I looked over each swaddle, I knew they couldn't ever be sold as a Sukoo item. The pieces were beautiful but did not reflect our brands quality.

They sat in my office for six weeks while I debated whether I needed to shut Sukoo all together. Although we were able to get some money back, it wasn't enough for us to be able to keep moving forward. 

Money aside, I found myself continually worrying about the waste of having over 200 swaddles we didn't want to sell. 

One day as I was driving home, I had an idea. I decided to launch a sustainable initiative to avoid waste and give a new home to our faulty, flawed, seconds and sample pieces. The idea of #sukooseconds was born and thankfully, our community embraced the idea with open arms. 

Every item sold within our #sukooseconds campaign receives an entry into the draw to win $200 voucher for summer. 

You get to support a small business from going under, help us to avoid waste, get creative and go into the draw to win our summer pieces. 

Thank you for supporting #sukooseconds. We can't wait to see how you use your swaddle. 

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