Transparency Report


Our 'Slow' and 'Seconds' Moto

What we're already doing: 

  • We currently manufactures on a very small scale in a small factory
  • We design our pieces without  influence of 'current trends', sampling items up to a year prior to launch. We choose prints/styles that we believe will be timeless and outlive the fast fashion approach to keeping up with trends.
  • We put quality at the centre and encourage the re-sale and passing on of our items via our #sukooseconds facebook group.
  • We continue to celebrate and share 'older' styles to ensure we are not giving across a message that something is now out of fashion because it is out of stock. 
  • We try to avoid and limit our sales to ensure our customers understand the value put on our pieces. 
  • We try to avoid language like 'quick' 'clearance' 'run'  and instead encourage the careful consideration of purchases. 

What we hope to change moving forward:

In 2022, we will be launching a new way to shop. We hope to introduce three ways to shop online. 
1. Our 'Core' range: Items we have trialled and tested and will continue to produce year after year. Like the Zoa Knit. 
2. Our yearly print run: these items will be priced a little higher due to the shifts in print house, sustainable fabrics and smaller quantities being manufactured. We hope to un-do the feeling of 'limited edition' by introducing the third way to shop. 
3. Sukoo Seconds. If you have loved your item already and don't want to sell it yourself or pass it on, we will be creating a new initiative where we encourage customers to send their items back (we can not accept swimwear) and we will resell. We will cover the cost of postage back to us, list it as seconds, sell your item for you and then YOU can decide if we donate profits from that sale to a charity OR receive a voucher towards your next order.. You will be updated on how much the item sold for and where the money went. Please email if you have a second hand piece you would like to donate. 


Sustainable Swimwear Kids Label

Materials and Dyes

What we are already doing:

  • Our Swimwear is made from recycled materials and we use an eco lining.
  • Our Knitwear is 100% Cotton not acrylic and no use of animal products. 
  • Our clothing ranges are made from 100% cotton. Making our fabrication choices only natural fibres. 
  • We are currently sampling new eco fabric options for future collections.
  • We use Certified Oeko Tex Dyes 
  • We are sampling at a new print house which water consumption is less than 2% of what is normally required compared to using screen printing or batik printing, have a certified ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, inks are all water based and Eco Passport Certified by Oeko Tex,  and don't create any waste water.

What we hope to change moving forward:
There are a lot of changes we wish to make that we simply cant afford yet. We've looked into GOTS certified factories and have their contracts for when we can reach their high minimums per item. 

  • Using all organic GOTS certified cottons for baby and clothing range 
  • Using organic cotton for our knitwear 
  • Knowing the full supply chain of our materials. 

better packaging co


What we are already doing:

  • We currently send all orders in Better Packaging Co compostable satchels 
  • Our stock is sent to us from Indonesia in compostable poly bags 
  • We use acid-free, FSC certified tissue paper 
  • We take all our soft plastics to Woolworths soft plastic recycled area
  • We correctly remove any non-compostable items of our poly bags such as stickers before composting. 


What we hope to change moving forward:

  • Our swing tags and thank you cards are currently not made using recycled materials. We hope to change this to no issue eco items as soon as our current stock is out(april). 
  • We are currently using rope to tie our orders, we will make the switch to 'no issue' compostable stickers to seal our orders instead(april). 
  • We are currently using small amounts of normal tape to seal wholesale orders. We will make the switch to Better Packaging Co's eco tape(march)
  • We are currently using normal stickers for our labels. We will make the switch to compostable stickers when we upgrade our printer this year. 

Carbon Offset: 

What we're already doing:

  • We've signed the petition for climate change bill 
  • We've sent an email to our local PM demanding action.

What we hope to change moving forward:

  • We are about to offset the carbon emissions of our household office for Sukoo, car and parcels for past year using Green Fleet
  • We are about to introduced a bigger composting system at home and worm farm 
  • We are looking to  make the switch to Sendle who are  100% carbon neutral 
  • We  want to offset our carbon for parcels sent outside of Sendle including supplier shipments, wholesale orders and international orders. 
  • We would love to partner with Green Fleet to calculate and offset our carbon emissions of manufacturing. This is a long term goal for us. 
  • We would love to become a carbon neutral company one day but we know this will take time.
  • We want to switch who we use for banking/superannuation/energy suppliers.

Steps we're taking to do this:
We've sent an email to get the process started with Green Fleet. 

Our Factory In Indonesia 

  • In 2019, prior to launching, I flew to Indonesia to meet the factory owner and talented team who help bring Sukoo to life. 
  • Our Factory is owned by an Australian mother of two who lives in Bali.
  • Staff are paid a living wage with religious holidays respected, sick and annual leave paid and when the factory is particularly busy there is optional overtime hours and pay offered. This is, of course only optional.
  • The factory is clean, well ventilated and safe. The factory employees a full time cleaner and handyman to ensure ongoing cleanliness and safety.  Staff all have government health insurance paid by office.  

Our Goals/Visions: 
Indonesia is very 'grass routes' so to speak. We love that about it but it also means there isn't always the 'transparency' as a bigger factory elsewhere with all the certifications. We knew this about our small studio, which is why we flew there ourselves to see the conditions first hand. We are proud our practices but we are always seeking to improve our business's overall transparency. Due to covid, we were unable to continue our annual visits we had planned. Once we are able, we will make sure we visit our factory often. We are moving factory location (same manufacture) in April, so hope to see the new space as soon as possible. 

  • Ongoing visits to our factory.
  • Share more video and photo content for our audience to see who makes their clothes.
  • Continue the ethical questions and discussions with our manufacture about our people and the supply chain. 
  • Continue to share and encourage our audience to ask questions. 

Inclusiveness as a business 


  • Sukoo acknowledges that we run our business on the traditional Country of the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains and pays respect to Elders past and present.
    We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land. We acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the Kaurna people living today.
    And we also extend that respect to other Aboriginal Language Groups and other First Nations. 
  • Sukoo commits to working with influencers of many nationalists to ensure everyone is represented in the images we share. 
  • Sukoo commits to using inclusive language in our copy. We try to be mindful about using words like 'parents' rather than mother and father as we recognise and celebrate that the families come in many forms. 
  • Sukoo commits to using inclusive language in our copy when sharing clothing options. We recently are removing any references to 'girls' and 'boys' visible and work to continue shifting language so that there is no messaging on what girls/boys can/cannot wear/own. 

Our Goals moving forward:
With twelve years working in the Early Childhood industry and many of those being in inclusion support roles or teaching Indigenous Perspectives, we understand the importance of children/families being represented in the content we share.  We have recently reflected deeply on our practices are past decisions and have made new promises to how we run our business. 

  • We promise to be more active in representing the similarities and differences we share as people. This includes but is not limited to, representing different family types, nationalities, children with disabilities and so on. 
  • We promise to be more active in partnering with our local Indigenous groups and donating to charities that support First Nations people. 
  • We promise to continue to grow in our understanding of inclusion and ensure our practices and copy reflect this.